"Very pleased with the photo that was taken at the Blueberry Ouisharefest . In addition , this service was offered by Yooneed . Thank Blueberry and Yooneed . :-)" Christian Reuter


"Working with Blueberry was a real pleasure . In addition to being a talented photographer , Blueberry has the sensitivity and discretion required for taking portraits . She can put people she photographs in their little shoes and photos it shows! Thank Blueberry ! " Patrick Brouchet ( Yooneed )


"A great big thank you for the picture Blueberry stage ... I am delighted to have discovered the photo with you! You knew you adjust my expectations and evolve over days, I am already passionate ... and I can not wait to have my camera Thanks again and I hope one day you recross! Good luck to you! I love your work! "Nawel (Toulouse)


"@myrtillephoto * I like, I share, beautiful site "Talent ; is talent" Congratulations ;-)" Joseph Tzidikmann


"Wahouuuu !!! That's the word that comes to mind when I think of shooting I had the chance to spend in the company of Blueberry and Stephanie!
A very good time;)
A soon !!! "Nathan (Paris)

A big thank you for the pictures, your professionalism and your sympathy session. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon for one of your exhibitions, a show or as part of the work.
Cheers, Hugs "
Charlotte (Paris)


"Hello, You made pictures of me in the studio Sauverzac JL , I was full of complexes. And since then, I am very comfortable in my skin. I send you one of the pictures that you do, just to recall :-) Thanks "H.

"Great work Bravo :-))" Farah (Martigues)

"Stunning pictures
I will never tire of watching them
good luck

"Hi Blueberry and Jean Loup
we held me and sophie to tell you how much we loved the times spent with you. You are two wonderful people and full of humanity.
In life there are very strong and very enriching encounters and you are part !!
Full of love kisses every 2 and a thousand thank you for everything !!!
ps; we were contacted by the agency yesterday and it has a date Friday !!
Your little twins :) "Elodie (Paris)

"Being a student of Jean Loup De Sauverzac it is a privilege ...
Thank you again for this trip to Palestine, through your photos we have is with thee. An experience like that, it commands respect, good luck. "Aymen (Fontenay-sous-Bois)


"Thank Blueberry
I am delighted to be part of your "collection".
It was a great experience to relive "
Marie (Neuilly-sur-Seine)

"... just great ...
Do and I had an amazing time, thank you for having responded so well to our expectations .... looking forward to have photos and be able to show the world a tt!
Our famous crazy laugh "I tell you a secret" or "pupil that dilates" were exeptional ...:-D
I look forward prints and CD of photos Do expedira me by mail ...
Stephanie has also thank you for having actively participated in the meeting;-)
kiss you
and next time necessarily ....:-) "Fabienne (Baie Mahault Guadeloupe)

"I wanted to thank you pr those moments of laughter and delusions that I shared with my sister. Premiere photo shoot and it was great It was a pleasure to make the stars! Grace whom I am now Photo on the complicity between me thank you thank you Faby !! I look forward to the pictures ... thank you again and good luck !! "Dorothée (Paris)

"Hello Blueberry
I am extremely proud to be on your site.
It gives me great pleasure.
Loved pose for you
bisous "
eva-elora (Asnieres-sur-Seine)

"A little message to thank you again for the great pictures you've done for me. Thank you for your professionalism, but also for your kindness and attention that you bore me. Greetings success accompany you . soon. Biz! "
Olivier (Livry-Gargan)

"Very beautiful pictures congratulations
exelente photographer "Da Ronch (Grenoble)

"Good job!" Zd (Morocco)

"Thanks for everything blueberry." Vanessa (Paris)

"It's nice. Beau look at the models.
Marc Chaminade "(Toulouse)


"I love photography and your site is a feast for my eyes.
Thank you! "Delacourt (Brussels)

"A crooked nose, overweight, dark circles under the eyes ... it was not easy for me and yet I have to bow to the result! That's me but better !!!
All the credit goes to the artist: So thank you for your patience Blueberry, your eye and your professionalism. Also thank you to Celine who assured the makeup.
Very good memories of these two sessions shoot!
Indiana Jones "Guillaume (Nogent-sur-​​Marne)

"Remembering the past with you and the result times: full glamor photos, the first that I can watch with pleasure Thanks for your patience and for having raised the age of the model in the background.!
Marie-Claude Labadie "(Paris)

"Blueberry Hello! I write a little later, it was seen last month and I really had a great time in your company. I look forward to some the result of our work together ... but mostly your job! I hope to hear from you soon and you wish continued success !!
Emilie "(Montpellier)

"Dear Blueberry, how awesome book, what a harvest of sincere and deserved compliments! You have a great talent and a special gift and RARE.
You give to those photographs that you trust your eyes on them that allows them to express the best of themselves with a pleasure to be beaming.
This complicity establish you know, many seasoned photographers can you envy.

Jean-Loup Sauverzac (Gentilly)

"Very good job. I find your beautiful photos. Sincerely." Michel (Paris)

"Hi blueberry! Thank you again for the photos, they are génials! Good work !!!
I had a good laugh with you, it was a pleasure!
I would resume can be touch this summer;)
kisses to you and also stephany "Laetitia (Elancourt)

"I am very pleased to be on your site as it is full of creativity I spent all day with half an excellent .You really know you put models in value .J hope one day return to Paris to see you again and again BRAVO photos for your work to ariste big kisses a blueberry j wolf samantha "Aurélie (Nîmes)

"I know this site by emmanuelle one of your models I love these pictures they are beautiful, I will leave sorely tempted me. I think I'll think about it in the future. Thank you very good site with very beautiful pictures "Gau (Orly)

"Dear Blueberry, I am really touched that artsite which I enjoyed the sights ... thinks much in return, it is always rewarding ... Pictures speak for themselves and I am happy to share with my visitors ...
you can inaugurate my guestbook ...
@ emareva soon "(Cagnes-sur-Mer)


Just a short note to tell you that I was very happy to have experienced this first experience with you, and that AC was a real pleasure. Samantha and you you are truly exceptional people share your kindness and talent to know your models in value despite what some people think ..... penvent
In any case, if one day you have a project idea (in a museum, for example) and you have besoinn someone to make, I would love to be a part.
Good luck to you both! "Vanessa (Paris)


"Thanks again for this session and this meeting, and congratulations for your work.
Jean Selesko. "(Houilles)


"Thanks for this session! I loved making pictures with you were not short of ideas and talent!
Also you are a very kind and friendly person ...
See you soon !!
Cecilia "(Metz)

"I think your great work as the development of your models with you is guaranteed!
and I do not for one second hesiterz has to ask you if I were proposing, who knows may be on a future stay in paris in any case I hope.
actress and model. "(Toulon)

"Frankly thank you for all blueberry bcp I enjoyed working with you it was great! I really enjoyed myself in + this I am very satisfied with the photos, very sincere good luck
g6k "Jess (La Verrière)

"Hello there! Just want to say That I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good Arranged. Thank you for your I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it work.". Oman (Germany)

"The site is very nice visited! And no doubt that you are an artist! Congratulations!" Glad (Gleizé)

I'm Sidharta,
It was the funniest shoot,
I was able to speak with confidence
I discovered a new image of myself,
Excellent work,
An artist to recommend!
Sidh. "(Paris)


"Really loved your pictures.
keep it up
Lauren "(Verbier)


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